Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Weather And Mental Health/Self Care Is Vital!

Extreme weather events cause significant stress and distress and contribute to developing serious mental issues.
~Fight or Flight always engaged
~Anxiety related response leading to chronic and severe disorders.
~Trauma and losses of lives, homes, and livlihoods contribute to utter devastation.(Suicide Ideation.)
Exposure to extreme heat has been associated with  alcohol and substances to cope with stress, aggressive behavior and domestic violence increases, as well as increases in hospitals and emergency room admissions.
The need for care rises dramatically when there is in fact a disruption of services, or a decrease in availability.
Psychiatric medications can interfere with a person's ability to regulate heat and people lose the awareness to that their body heat is rising.
People with mental health issues have a three times greater risk of death due to a heatwave.
Children in these scary global weather events are being traumatized for life.
Some are resilient and their issues resolve over time, however without proper emotional support many will suffer chronic stress/ptsd symptoms way into Adulthood and beyond.

People Most Affected:
-The Elders
-The Chronically Ill
-Pregnant and Postpartum Women
-People with severe mental and physical incapacitation
-People with the least in life

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Feeling The Burn///Krisstallnacht in 2019 Murikkka/////What Have We Become?

It is so bad my heart is seized up and I feel like vomiting, the sadness and grief and stress being put on us as normal citizens.
The Sensitives of Light are squirming and ill, there is no relief from the media but you can't look away from the news around the world.
on the night of November 9/10th, 1938, German Nazis attacked Jewish persons and property. "Krisstallnact" a.k.a "Night of the Broken Glass"
Germany torched synagogues, vandalized Jewish homes and businesses, and killed close to 100 Jews. In the aftermath of of "Krisstallnacht" some 30.000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to Nazi concentration camps.
German police and citizens watched and did not intervene.
On Sunday this demented man is sending out ICE to terrorize people who do not deserve it. My heart aches for them and I beg of you if you are reading this to please use your platforms on social media, make new platforms because today on 7/11, it don't feel like we gon' make it.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Loving Yourself IsThe Revolution/Stories From The Front

The last few weeks of blogging research to get ideas and insights on how I wanted to present mine has been dismal and disappointing.
The likes and smiley faces seem to be the most important component, my eyes glaze over and I literally become ill, even the once organic sistas I admired and aspired to be are going sideways into plastic, saw Iyanla tryna look like Nicki Minaj the other day. Workshops, Online lectures and classes, t shirts, yoga mats, coffee mugs and license plate frames.
Recently it came to me that I would not be marketing my books but giving them away in as many places that I can, that I could not take monetary compensation for lessons I have learned from Magnificent Teachers who sheltered, fed me and on top of that taught me to save and protect my own self mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and did not expect compensation saying God told them to do it and would provide, I will pass their sacred stewardship and loving guidance forward every single day of my current existence.. Hail Up and Massive Love to anybody that takes the time to come through and read this. Because Like know Like though...

Good Morning Heart Ache/Sit Down/Mourning A Young King

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