Friday, December 13, 2019

The Moon Made Me/ModernBushMuvah@CityBushWare-by-CityBushWoman

The air feels heavy and confused, weather is bi polar and The NatureMother is pissed and malignant with every right to be.
Humans have ravaged Her. We are in living Hell and no one is in charge,
I decided to move away from the nasty sharing through social media and focus on fixing the root of the Problems, posting Wholistic Medicine tips to take the Edge off. Hang tight, and know...The Best Is coming.
Blessed Be The Healers Who have been broken open and all the bad stuff fell out🌏🌎🌍

Good Morning Heart Ache/Sit Down/Mourning A Young King

 Memories of joy and laughter and looking deep into the eyes of Home. Robert Timothy -Anton I miss you. I love you.  Not sure how to keep th...