Tuesday, March 23, 2021

WELLNESS @ Maintaining Balance During Unbalanced Times///

Forest Bathing is a Nature Based Therapy that targets mental, emotional and physical health issues. Being in Nature helps avoid stress and burn out, and aids in fighting Depression and Evil. Trees have a positive effect on our mind and body.                  

The Japanese Government has created "recreation forests," and walking through them is an essential part of health care. The rising number of the mentally and emotionally fragile has coincided with an increased prevalence of disorders of every kind. It is wise and recommended to return to the Earth and breathe in the air associated with good health and well-being. Ninety(90) minutes walking in a natural area should boost the mood immediately. "The Green Remedy" lowers stress, pulse rate, blood pressure, and levels of Cortisol, (the stress hormone,)  RE: Herbal Alignment= Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit-ONE.....

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Human Touch @ Show Your Love...

Many of the challenges we are faced with today are being felt all over the World. Psychologically, Spiritually, and Physically we are as humans being bombarded with confusion, sadness and pain.  Daily, we are being inundated with global PTSD events that are ruining the very fabric of a functioning society.  As we slog along in these nasty Pandemic daze, and other nightmare events happening right now, 
We must learn the mastery of emotions, learning to control one's emotions is the key to a peaceful, quality, abundant, service based life.
Find the things that help you cope best, plan them into your daily life, this could be, meditation, praying, dancing, making art, journaling, etc.
Adopt positive beginning of the day rituals and understand that gratitude is the foundation of EVERYTHING.

Good Morning Heart Ache/Sit Down/Mourning A Young King

 Memories of joy and laughter and looking deep into the eyes of Home. Robert Timothy -Anton I miss you. I love you.  Not sure how to keep th...