Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The LowDown@Feeling Good About Feeling Well...............

 ~The Universe gives you permission to cry like hell without apology.

~Physical and Emotional Pain Travel The Same Pathways in the Brain.

~Do Not Turn on Yourself, practice the same loving compassion you display to others.

~MAKE ROOM Where You Need Too.

~God called, He is Not Coming, Saving Ourselves Is The Only Option.

~Your Experiences Are VALID.

~Reframe The Ending if You had a Bad Beginning.

~When You Can't Avoid It, Entertain It. 

~Do Not Put Off Pain.

~Do Not Judge How Emotions Manifest.

~Accept Yourself

~Notice Unexpected Improbable Moments of Grace.

~Turn Despair Into Art, Beauty and Music.

~Live Real, Listen Hard.

~Build Resilience.

~Breathe, and Know, You Will Survive.

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