Sunday, February 27, 2022

The Only People Who See The End Of War Are Dead Ones/Smoke Medicine Healing Zone

There really are no words to describe the pain and anguish many are feeling that roll deep with the Earth, since the Bombs started dropping I randomly break into fits of violent shivering and nausea asleep or awake, healing and hurting all at once if you will.

Rid Spaces of negativity and manifest peace with mystical ethnobotanicals honored by Indigenous cultures as sacred medicine.

Smoke cleansing: An ancient incense burning practice especially helpful for attaining inner peace and emotional cleansing also inviting balance and ushering in the calm after the Storm

White Sage~ Wards off bad energy and purifies the atmosphere.

Organic Lavender~ Welcomes good energy and peace.

Palo Santo~ Invites in Love and Kindness.

Abalone Shell~ resting place for your smoldering burn.

Black Sand~ Control heat and catch ashes in Abalone shell.

Large Feather~Use to wave sacred smoke through your space symbolizing protection and good luck.

*please note that sacred smoke though healing as well as cleaning bacteria from the air can also be too strong for some Sensitives, keep air flow at all times by opening a window.

Charge your Spirit and living space with loving intention, hope, faith, courage and clarity to make healthy, productive decisions, to handle with sheer grace the small imperfections that make a life, may we all experience perfect personal peace, authenticity and thriving not just surviving...........

Thursday, February 24, 2022

ADDICK SHUN///@A Spirit Disease Indeed...

 The word "Alcohol" originates from the Arabic word "Al Kuhl" which means "Body Eating Spirit."

The immediate results of stopping are.

-improved mental health

-less brain fog/fatigue/confusion

-increased sense of connection

-positive outlook returns


-able to confront reality

-empathy returns

Legal Drugs


-commercial cigarettes

-processed foods, drinks, and sugar

*results are the same with either list, fun fact, withdrawal from white processed sugar is as bad as any drug or alcohol related one.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Quiet The Time/ Spiritual Timeouts In A Mad Mad World...

 Tools To Deh ~Stillness~     

@ 2022 Elevating is not Cute////

~ Satchel Of Sacred~  this can be any compact bag that stays with you for quick review, in this bag you can place a journal-stones-dried herbs and flowers-art supplies-a small drum or rattle-written affirmations, prayers and intentions. as with all life forms each person is unique and different. size and blessed objects are up to the individual. I am finding that the blessed objects pick you, and always go perfect with everything,  add and remove items as your Spirit whispers and never worry.

Universal/The Source/God/Yahweh/Jah~  Connection-Gratitude-Love-Living Life in and with  Soul, Service and Spirit. Sacred comes in many shapes and forms, as does praying and setting intentions, any activity can become Praise to the Highest Order, and they love a good show!
Making a Gateway to Spirit is not for the weak, it takes blood and guts and losing sleep and buckets of tears until you drop from emotional exhaustion and surrender to the "Big Picture" which at this time might have little to do with your Vision. This Pandemic has derailed some and blossomed others, Stillness in the deep Soul hits different. When you leave all the wack shit behind you get a Stillness you could only imagine  and had given up on in this lifetime. You will be called selfish and narcissistic by people who do not own books but you must carry on, eat well, when you are hungry, sleep deep, when you are tired, and love yourself deeply. Peace be still.

They Keep Coming, That Is What Keeps Me Going.....-Jim Thorpe

 As we face yet another threat of global war through tears I am dusting this blog and continuing the original mission, to bring healing, love and light to to the ones that are not getting so much.

The point of it all is to help us prepare our inner Home for the months and years ahead.

If history is any indication things are going to get much worst before they lean into better.

Self care is of the utmost importance as we are worthless to anyone else if we are not showing up for ourselves first.  Eat as healthy as possible, do what feels good to you pertaining to Movement and Creativity. Love on yourself hard and tender, You deserve it, Believe in yourself and your dreams.

Cheating yourself out of joy and happiness cheats the world out of your true self.

There will be no monetizing of this blog, I have to give it away in order to keep "it."

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