Sunday, February 19, 2023

THey WaNted A PuPpy/But Were Not Ready For An Actual Dog/Finding The Grace/Anyway

 How many of us have been conditioned to believe we are less than and not enough? I calling Bullshit! Through generations of racist micro aggressions we have been told that love-peace-joy does not serve us. Day by day we are waking up, making time to learn the practices, rituals ceremonies that we were forbidden to practice in chains. Learning our heritage is essential to clear and positive mental health. Through our deeply planted indigenous roots we reclaim our greatness and deepen our metaphysical connections to the living Earth. Though existence is challenging to torturous for the peoples of the melanin, we can find peace, faith and comfort  in divinity and manifestation and in this state uplift our collective communities and helping our people reclaim our greatness and awaken to a world of unlimited fun and power.

Good Morning Heart Ache/Sit Down/Mourning A Young King

 Memories of joy and laughter and looking deep into the eyes of Home. Robert Timothy -Anton I miss you. I love you.  Not sure how to keep th...